To the boy I almost loved.

It wasn’t a long road, more of a path may be, carved between the green field which connected the building to the main gate. The grass had all worn out resulting in a pathway from years of walking over it.

As she walked towards the gate, just like she had many times before, she couldn’t help but feel sad. Saying goodbye was never easy for her, well it was not like she wouldn’t see him again, they had classes tomorrow and on the day after that, it was only the beginning of this semester you see. She knew that when they would see each other the next day they would sit together just like they had since their first class. But then it was a ‘goodbye’. And goodbyes always hurt.

There was no hiding that she clearly loved him and may be he too reciprocated her feelings.

But then again they weren’t lovers, they were BEST FRIENDS.

“Best friends!!”, she smirked as the word popped into her mind,
“Yes! Indeed they were the best friends, the bestest ones” she sighed.

After all look at how hard they were trying to kindle their friendship. A friendship which was clearly over the moment they pressed their lips on each other. A kiss which would have never taken place had they valued their now ruined friendship. But the kiss wasn’t out of lust, they wouldn’t accept it that way, because it was LOVE.

But then again they weren’t lovers, they were “best friends”.

As she walked towards the gate, she yearned to bade him goodbye…it’s funny how she couldn’t stand sitting next to him the whole day and now that it was over it was almost unbearable to part from him. He watched her move slowly towards the gate, in her deep thought, trying to manage her unruly hair which danced with the breeze. He waited for her to look back, to wave him goodbye. This was first time that she had left without a word.

Standing on the veranda he watched her as she ultimately crossed the gate and got lost into the traffic….She could feel his watchful eyes upon her, she knew it was causing him a lot of pain, and it pained her as well……!!!

But, then again, who said good byes are easy…?


31 thoughts on “To the boy I almost loved.

  1. You know, emotions don’t care what we name them ! “Love or just a Friendship”. they’re wild and deaf.
    once you see someone that takes the sleep out of your eyes during the night, you’re in love and that’s nothing you can do about it …
    Very heart touching story
    Hope to read more of you

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      1. Wow, that was truly sad !
        what is the good of good image if it is not actually good ?!

        you did the right thing and should be proud of yourself just like your great tyrant fighter Mahatma Gandhi. his inspired message which was achieving victory whilst been oppressed is still alive and can lead us during difficult situations.

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      2. Thank you, for your kind words, I am fighting and will never stop fighting.
        I have a request though, if my cause really moved you, then please leave a comment there and reblog the post to support the cause.

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