The lunch box.

They all sat together for their lunch break. And as the regular lunch ritual they all sneaked a peak in each other’s boxes. Asha brought puri bhaji, Rohan brought halwa, Maansi brought fried rice….

And after having a good look at their peer’s lunches they all turned their heads in excitement towards the little boy who was quietly brooding in the corner, which was rather unlikely; it was his birthday after all. They watched him curiously as he opened his tiffin, hoping he might let them have a piece of cake.

Conscious of all the attention he anxiously opened his lunch box. His eyes sparkled with delight and he smiled in wonder as he laid his eyes on that perfect cake with its beautiful chocolate and vanilla frosting. It looked all the more appealing than it looked under the window of that fancy pastry shop.

He had been nagging about it to Maa since his last birthday, only to get refused as they couldn’t afford it.

On this birthday his joy knew no bounds.

His new mother loved him as much as his Maa or may be even more…


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