Our meet cute. 

​She looked at her reflection in the mirror, and she hated it.

She never thought of herself as a beautiful girl but these braces made her look just plain ugly. 

And the thought of her first day at the new school terrified her. As angry and terrified as she was, she still got ready. She wore the new uniform that her mother had pressed and put out for her. Fixed her hair, had a last look on her damned braces and went out.

As she walked through her new neighbourhood to her new school, all she wished was to be invisible. What would she had given to be with her old friends in her old school. She missed them so much, the mere thought of it brought tears to her eyes. 

She took a deep breath as she walked up the stairs of her new school, still assuring herself, “It is going to be okay”. She went up to her assigned class and asked nervously, “May I come in Mam?” her teacher gestured her in and introduced her to the class as the ‘New girl’. She looked up at those curious eyes, all fixed their gaze at her. She felt like that prisoner who was about to be publicly beheaded. 

Her teacher showed her to an empty seat next to a boy who was busy writing something on his copy. She meekly went up to the seat, and the boy looked up at her. 

And all her fears washed away as that sweet little boy smiled, the most beautiful smile she had seen. A smile that curved along his thin dry lips revealing his gap teeth bound by those ugly braces, and yet it looked so beautiful, so perfect.

The moment she saw it, she knew she’d be okay…


28 thoughts on “Our meet cute. 

      1. I think that you have the beginning of a great series of stories, if not a whole book. I think that all of us can connect with that feeling of being “apart from”, instead of being “a part of”.

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  1. Hi,
    I feared my daughters would never smile once they got braces, but, happily, they smiled often. They weren’t self-conscious at all.
    Congratulations on starting your blog recently. I read about it in the Community Pool where I met you. Maybe you can check out my blog.
    I help new bloggers at my site. I have over 600 blogging tips articles at MostlyBlogging.com where I blog and I host 10 networking events each month where you could meet new readers.

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      1. Hi Weefables,
        Thank you so much for your reply. I’d love to have your readership. I am looking forward to your visit. If you could take just a moment to sign up, I will send you an invitation to my blog party where you can meet new readers. I also have a Follow to Follow Back Directory for my followers.

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      1. Yes! Its actually very sad. Our education system is getting darker by day for the students. Thank you for reading it. If you support the cause of that story, then please spread the word. Thank you.

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  2. oh my god! i loved this piece of writing! it drew me into the shoes of this uncomfortable little gurl

    ”She felt like that prisoner who was about to be publicly beheaded.” you nailed it here!!
    good job hun! loved it !!

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