Sundarban, part II.

A note for the readers:

Sundarban literally means “beautiful forest”, but is also said to derive it’s name from “Samudraban”, meaning “forests of ocean”. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world, and it’s area is spread across a portion of West Bengal, India and a portion of Bangladesh. This forest reserve unlike any other, is a home to many ingenious species, but this tiger and crocodile infested swamp is a home to about 50 to 60 thousand people as well. And this story is a reflection of the life of the simple tribes men dwelling in this jungle-wetland.

I have divided this story in parts,

this is the link for part I: Sundarban, part I.

and here goes part II.

It was too busy and bright for midday, the calling of birds, the hooting of monkeys, and the sound of the water rushing from the nearby creek, filled the atmosphere with a strange boisterous energy. And there she lay, under that tall vine choked tree, in order to escape from the sun that disseminated the tropical undergrowth with an excruciating heat.

But her peaceful sleep was soon disturbed by the constant buzzing of mosquitoes near her ears. She tried moving her head, and then, flipping her ear but as stubborn as they were they didn’t budge from being the nuisance, they were. And this time she lashed her tail to shoo them away and continued her respite. But the presumptuous insect started biting her nose and she woke up growling from her sleep.

She looked around in search of her babies, only to find them playing cheerfully by the creek. She lovingly watched her little ones as they jumped and tumbled upon each other. They were only two months old now, and depended on her for every single need. She wanted to be with them, and watch their silly games, but they have been without a nibble of food for quite days now. They were starving by the minute and she needed to feed them as soon as possible, and most importantly, she needed to feed herself.

Giving up a huge yawn, she stood up and stretched her back, almost trying to shake off any last remaining impulse to get back to her lazy slumber, slowly gathering herself, she lazily sauntered towards her cubs. Instantaneously all of them came running towards her and started leaping on her. She rolled on the ground as they pounced on her and started poking and teasing her in every way possible. She started to lick and dote all of her babies as they all fought their way to suckle from her.

The sun was almost about to set now and she needed to go hunting, almost in a jerk she stood up and gestured them to go back to their den. Disrupted from suckling, and still left with hunger, they sulked their way into the den, adjacent to the creek.


It was a beautiful night sky, and the reflection of the glimmering stars from above, made the creek sparkle, as if thousands of diamonds were engraved on it. The lush vegetation surrounding it, added to its divine aura, and suddenly the forest which moments ago, seemed so merciless and gruesome in its darkness, unveiled itself as a paradise, shying away from it’s sinister and ugly truth.

And as thirsty and dehydrated he was, this little spring seemed like heaven to him.

Freeing himself from his mother’s tight grip, he paced his tiny limbs, he rushed towards the fresh water and in utter rhapsody to quench his thirst, he buried his face in the water and began drinking right from the creek.

~ . ~

Sundarban © by weefables

Image credit- Koan Collective


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